Thursday, September 6, 2012

It looks like a bible lesson to me...I love that phrase because it reminds me that God is at work in all of it....whatever "it" you [and I] are dealing with.

I am choosing to meet God and discuss the its in my life.

I choose to pray a thankful prayer but it is work.  It is a choice, and I forget to do it sometimes.

I am thankful for the RN Refresher class scholarship, for the online class [soooo much better than having to go somewhere to a my so much better!]

But...I am equally thankful for getting near the end of the same class.  Only a little left to do now.

I am thankful for the development of rapid acting insulin but I am overwhelmed with the routine it requires which leads directly to be thankful for the availability of insulin pumps!  When that comes my routine will lighten considerably.

I am thankful that my preceptorship is on my "old" floor at PRMC  In my most favorite area of nursing  post op care.

I am weary emotionally  so I have an opportunity to choose thankfulness despite weariness or grumbling and complaining.  Want to know the truth?  I want to grumble and whine and get down and forget all my benefits but there is a still small voice you see, there is that voice.  and I remember when he said so clearly to me....I've got you.....I've got you.  so soft yet so clear.

So when days like today come that I am OVERWHELMED and sad and teary many times throughout the day and I have to work to remember thankfulness ......then I can be thankful that I know the road, I Know the route and I KNOW the mapmaker and He's got me, He's got me.

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