Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time Waits for....nobody

Time waits for....nobody

I am undone by the passing of time.  No matter how much I think it would be easier to stop the world and get off the One who spins the world has said, "no".

Other people are just beginning on their walk of faith, a fun and exciting road that they want to tell everyone about.

Some on a treacherous journey they do not understand where they are crying out.

Some on a frightening journey they know all too well having walked it in the past.

And some on a path they are trying so hard to trust and follow the leader but they are scared of where the road might lead.

I have known people on all these roads.  It is so difficult to minister to each one yet there are lessons for each one of us as we walk beside each one of them.  We do not have to figure it out, we just need to walk with them, pray for them and love them.

Time goes by and there are opportunities to minister.  I have a new appreciation for a host of things I never paid much mind to in the past.

....the beauty of silence

....the joy of listening

....the quiet of not knowing the answer

.....the peace of knowing the answerer

.....the calm of one thing at a time

.....the knowledge that you continue the path God set you on and you do not know where it is going.

......that what seems bad can be looked at as good in God's eyes

When and how will God use these lessons in my life?  Can I stay quiet long enough to listen to Him give me direction or will anxiety overwhelm me?

IF I listen carefully and wait,   I trust..... HE WILL me what and where and when and how even if I never get the why.  This is the time to choose thanksgiving.  Choose thanksgiving.  Embrace surrender and give thanks for what we do not understand. Choose and move forward as God presents the steps to me.  Even if I feel like screaming and running away........stay, choose, embrace......stay, choose, ..........

thankful every day

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