Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 25 of 31 Days of Simple Praise to Yahweh

Simple praise......there is nothing drastic to report.

That is something we often overlook.  We have the big days filled with...well whatever is good or difficult but there really are many other days with not much going on.

Shared memories and caring about each other

Kate was home sick...we talked and cried and shared memories of Gene intermittently.
I printed off and put together some important papers for Gene's Dad that Kate had been working on.
Puller stopped by to pick them up and took them to Grandpop.
While there he spent a couple of hours doing various jobs for his grandparents.
Hunter went from work to Grandparents and helped the final hour winterizing around the property.
Grandma sent home late ripening tomatoes.

Hunter went to dinner with his bible study leader.

Then both young men of my family went to Bible study --an all men one! [I love that fact]

Kate took her medicine.

Hunter brought in the mail....significant only because Gene is called to jury duty!
[I will tell them he is with the judge now!]

I got my "stuff" together for work tomorrow.

See.........quiet and plain and important ....simple praises.

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