Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two for one and then I 'm done...Days 30 & 31 of 31 Days of Simple Praise to Yahweh

I am almost too tired to think through any cohesive sentences.

Yesterday as I listened to all the reports of hurricane damage I was thankful that we had no damage here on our property.  Even my late tomatoes and green peppers on the vine [or is it a bush  or just a plant] came through the storm without damage.  No standing water on the property and not damage to the house.

Very easy to say much easier than last year at this time.  It is good to give thanks and to remember times when it was more difficult.  Practice practice practice

Late afternoon brought an almost desperate plea for comfort from my friend who's husband escaped for heaven two weeks ago.  She too had only 7 weeks between diagnosis and death and has realized that the loss of a husband and partner is so very different from all the other types of trauma people face.  None easy but this a unique one that needs special care.  I went to her and stayed until 11pm.

That then offered the opportunity to either complain or give thanks about the 5:10 am wake up call I needed this morning.  I am thankful that I am truly a morning person so even after such little sleep.  Did not get home 'til 11:30 then had to prep for morning.  But I made it and was at work on time with my packed lunch!

I am thankful that day 4 of 7 days of this intense work at the hospital is soon over.  Though I love the nursing and the atmosphere I am still dreadfully disorganized and computer illiterate.  but the hardest part is the intense work and not being paid for it.  I am working HARD and it is difficult to walk away after walking literally for 11 hours or more and know that I still do not have employment or a paycheck that so nicely counterbalances difficult days.

I am thankful that much of what I need to do to finish the course is done.

I am intending [intention to thankful attitudes help secure attention to thankfulness] to be thankful for my bed tonight as I lay this to rest!

And a final thought of today's intent is the opportunity to tell a story about thankfulness to several lunch mates as we discussed why certain people behave in kind and unkind manner.  The mood in the room changed as I told the story of Bengy and the Boola pan!  Perhaps that is the direction I can turn my blog now as I search out stories, easily remembered that express thankfulness.

One thing for sure is I am too tried to make this fancied up with pictures so I am going to only add one last thought and give it a picture.

Last thought of the 31 day challenge:  I made a decision to find simple praises to share and not lose myself in how I am getting on.  I want to encourage myself and you too to look for the little things that bring a touch of joy, a grateful heart and when you find them to speak them forth.  In the speaking [either in writing them down or talking to others] you remind your heart that God is faithful, He hasn't left us and we are going to learn from our current experiences and likely we will learn best if we are in a praising frame of mind.

Lord help me see goodness, hear goodness and speak goodness and look for all  the blessings you cascade around me every day and help me to fail not in telling you how thankful I am for all you do in my life.

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